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Question for Magtech Brass Shotshell Loaders


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I am experiencing mixed results with the success of my 12 gauge Magtech smokeless shotshell loads. I have loaded 20 and 16 gauge Magtechs for some time with continuing success and very very few squib loads. The 20's go into a SXS and the 26's work in both my 97 and SXS. My loads have been very successful with knockdowns if I do my part in pointing the gun at the target. Now for the 12 gauge. I have loaded 20 shells and am experiencing 30% squibs from identical load and loading process. For additional information, I purchased 100 hulls from a good pard who attempted to develop a reliable load. He loaded all 100 hulls (new to him), and experienced a high squib rate and gave up the effort. I purchased his hulls but am not using his loading formula. While the powder is different and shot weight is 1/8 oz larger, I'm following the process which is so successful in my 16's and 20's.

My question is --- anyone else had or having problems with smokeless loads for 12 gauge Magtech hulls? And if so, was it solved? Your advice and assistance please. Sagerider

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I found the only way that I can be sure of no squibs to is be very methodical in my reloading of these things.


Here is the procedure I use with the RCBS 12 gauge dies in a single stage press.


1. Deprime/resize on the down stroke, prime on the upstroke. Repeat for all empty brass.


2. Reconfigure the die for crimping.


3. Place charge of Red Dot into 1 hull.


4. Place an overpowder cork wad.


5. Place the same shotcup I use in my AA's.


6. Fill shotcup with shot.


7. Place an overshot card.


8. Slightly crip end of shell to hold in card/make it easier to feed.


9. Repeat process of each primed piece of brass.


It's a bit tedious, doing it 1 shotshell at time this way, but since I switched to this method, I have never had a squib, which I used to have quite a few of.


If you want, PM me for my specific recipe.

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If you are not already using them, you will probably experience fewer squibs with 11 gauge over powder and cushion wads and 10 gauge over shot cards. Also, large pistol primers work better than large rifle primers.


Fingers (Show Me MO smoke) McGee

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