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(A) Veterans Day

B. T. Blade, SASS #35685Life

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I wrote this for all who have put on a uniform and served. It made the rounds on Facebook and certainly deserves to be here. A heartfelt "Welcome Home" to all my Brothers and Sisters this Veterans Day!


(A) Veterans Day


He doesn’t talk about it much, if at all

No one would understand unless they were there

And no one would really want to hear about it, would they?


So he keeps it to himself

He deals with it and controls it as best he can

Until the night comes……..and the dreams return like

an uninvited guest. He didn’t sleep much then……..

he doesn’t sleep well now.


He doesn’t talk about it much, if at all

Well, maybe the good times; the few moments of laughter

He remembers the letters from home

and the dreams he had back then

He remembers those who lost all of their dreams

He remembers the dreams that wound him still as he struggles with the long nights.


He doesn’t talk about it much, if at all

And aside from the far away look in his eyes

or the tear that slowly runs down his cheek when Old Glory passes……….you’d never know what he’s done; the sacrifices he’s made.


He’s an American Veteran – and he’d do it all over again

For the country he loves and the buddy that stood next to him.

He’d do it all over again even though most people remember him but one day a year – a day he probably doesn’t get off unless it falls on a weekend.


So………he doesn’t talk about it much, if at all.

And even though some memories are painful, he’s proud……..he stands tall…….and he remembers.


Please remember him (or her) today – and always.





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