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Thank You!

Curley Fryes

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I just wanted to thank everyone for their help with this new SASS dude. I value all of your input and find that you all are the friendliest group of cowboys & cowgirls. Thank you for all your guidance and suggestions and I hope to see you all on the range.


Curley :)

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Curley.. your welcome and I hope we helped..


When I first started this here cowboy shootin'.. it was around the same time of the season your starting at...

The end of the season...

I spent my winter and gold dust getting my rig, pistols, rifle, and shotgun.. most all the stufff I needed.

I'm still using the same stuff.. and that's for about 7 years..

I had tried out guns and knew what I wanted.. buying quality is cheaper than buying cheap and replacing..

Well I did buy a reloader the next fall after I found out how much I liked shootin'.. and then my wife started shootin' with me too.


but anyhow...


When this spring rolls around...

Looks like your in northern Illinois..

There's a shoot you should try and go to.. It's the St. Judes Charity Shoot..

It's hosted by the Shady Creek Shootist in Little York, Illinois and the Illiowa Irregulars in Milan, Illinois..


It's a big 2-3 day shoot.. but it's all for the fun of shootin' that day..

Might be a good experience.. there will be folks from your area there.. always is..

They come from all over for this shoot and I betcha you'd have a good time..


Those clubs are kinda on the northwest border of our state..



Rance <_<

Again.. Welcome to the fire :)

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