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A Shooters COWBOY HAT!

Rance - SASS # 54090

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Was at a Cowboy Match last Sunday..


After the match we were sittin' around visiting.. and a pard said

"Rance.. your hat looks more like a farmers hat than a cowboy hat"..

Another pard said

"Rance.. looks a little bit stained and worn.. looks like it's been in a few too many rains"..


I told them that early last year I got a brand new Cowboy Hat.. styled especially for me..

It was a purty black one...


But I got ta thinkin' and expressed to them...


"I ain't learned nuthin' wearin' that new black hat..

All my learnin' was in this ol' gray hat".. that now looks like a farmers hat.. that I've worn fer years learnin' this sport..

I took it off and started kinda rollin' the front sides back up... they stayed a little bit..


It's got sweat stains.. water stains.. cartridge stains.. stains where my ammo & gun oiled dirty ol' hands take it off & on up on the pinch in the front.. :blush:


So I told them.. I went back to wearin' my Ol' hat that had all the knowledge in it.. :)


Got ta thinkin' this mornin' (yeah.. that gets scary) :wacko:

A whole lot of cowboy shootin' is in a shooters mind (brain)

Well my brain (and confidence) is inside that ol' cowboy hat..


Rance <_<

Just thinkin'

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Up till last month all my "Cowboy Hats" were at least 30 years old ,,,, bought a new one made of Palm fibers ....


One I won fer winning "All a Round Cowboy" at a rodeo in June of 72 ..... But my faveroite is one i bought back 30 years or so ago it was all black,,, but now the top-side is wheather beaten to a brownish-black ....


My grey hat is older than I am and is in the best shape of all but my new hat ,,,, it was Grandads' Sunday Hat ....



Jabez Cowboy

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The oldest cowboy hat I have is almost 16 years old.


I bought it while my wife was pregnant with my oldest girl.


Only problem is - it don't fit no more. :(


Still can't bear the thought of getting rid of it.


Even if it don't fit nobody in the house.


Have bought a few more hats since getting into CAS.


Maybe the new hats will soak up the knowledge needed to figure out some of these calls.

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Rick, nearly all my hats are ones I bought when I was in my late teens, only the ones that were too big then fit me now. Took many years to get to where I could part with them, but if they aren't getting worn, might as well sell them and buy stuff I will use.

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All my old hats still fit and are still worn,,,,,, one most daily...



Except when it's to cold ...





Jabez Cowboy

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Apparently, that pard ain't seen very many real cowboy hats. :rolleyes:

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