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A big thank you to the Marion County Renegades


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After nine years of hosting Cowboy matches the Renegades ended their run in style, by treating every one in attendance to a fine meal after the final match.


Thanks to everyone involved in writing and setting up the stages, compiling and printing the scores, and all the other jobs required to put on a match.


Thanks also for the great meal and comradiere after the match. And also for the weather that in Sandoval terms can only be described as perfect,keeping in mind that if you were not wet from rain or snow or sweat, or had not been thrown to the ground by the wind, like that poor gunhand after being hit by Boss Spearman's shotgun, you had a pretty good day at Sandoval. :lol:


I look forward to shooting with each and every one of you whenever we meet again.


Job well done,



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Thanks for being at our very first and our very last match Smoke. You've been a good friend thru the years and as it was stated at the match we will enjoy shooting with all of you for many more years to come...just not at Sandoval anymore. I hope everyone enjoyed the finale.

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