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Been back in Australia now for a few months so thought it was time to make some comments re E.O.T

Firstly I was fortunate to be in a great posse [ 34 ]...Lash Latigo & Penny Pepperbox were terrific leaders of a world posse containing Aussies, German, Dutch, Italian & USA shooters.

Good stages & a lotta fun was had by all...& those Germans can sure shoot !!

Founders ranch is a top complex ..BUT.. IMHO...the shooters are not being looked after the way they should be !

The onsite vendors were a credit to our sport & I enjoyed talking to them & admiring or buying their goods

Met some wonderful people who are to numerous to list & I would probably miss someone...so thanks for all your kindness/assistance that has left me with lifelong memories..

When I first indicated on the wire & sought comments re a trip to the USA should we go to EOT or Winter Range.......Winter Range was the said better shoot..BUT the comment that stood out was 'you should experience EOT at least once...well now that has been achieved I look forward hopefully to a Winter Range trip sometime down the track ..BUT [again !! ] that will be after the German Regionals in a couple of years.


Thanks again & happy shooting.

Regards 'Painted Mohawk ..77785

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It was a pleasure to meet you and all of your mates from Australia! I enjoyed watching you all shoot and your dedication to Cowboy shooting. More, it was really so gratifying to observe how thankful you all are to be able to enjoy and even marvel at the difference that the 2nd Amendment makes in our lives as law abiding gun owners in the USA.


I hope to see you again, Mohawk! Tell Constable, Ruby, Clancy, Ned, Earp and Almira yeah... even Sam Balin ;) "HOWDY" from me.

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Mohawk, it was a honor to meet you and the other aussies.

we had a blast in Cortez and at the EOT


as to EOT,there are some points that could be improved, i have heard that HOW was a better match

in my opinion the big championships aren't the best matches, because of the sheer size of these matches the "personal touch"is lost,

i've never been to winterrange but i have heard good things about that from the Germans,


we have plans to go to the USA again(and yes EOT is in these plans, when you're in the USA in June you can't miss the world championship), we hope next year,

but with the current eccononomics and exchange rate(dollar/euro went up 15% the last couple of weeks)

we have to wait for the end of the year to find out if we have the money for it


we hope that we can take a trip to Australia somewhere in the future(and maybe shoot some cowboy action overthere as well) but that will take a couple of years.


hope to meet ya all somwhere in the future(EOT,Winterrange or the German Teritory Roundup who know's)

Dutch Bear

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