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Mo. Boat Ride

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Not sure about all the winners? But iI do know that Doc Hurd was top shooter! He also won first place in 49'er, and i was secound. Katy Scarlett was first Lady Duelist.


Duelist Rufus Basset

Gunfighter Coffin Sam

B-Western Asa Breckenridge

Frontiersman Taquila Tabb

Wrangler Frisco Red

Lady Young Gun Plinky

Classic Cowboy Safecracker Solon


These are some of the Winners

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I won a gun. :D:D


But broke my rifle and my car. :(:(


$$ probably came out about even. :huh:


Come on back up here sometime and I'll let you shoot it.




will be back for the US Open next year

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