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Conquistador Helmet!

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I have had some fun with this stage prop purchased from the Full Armor of God for $85. Yours for a paltry $50 plus actual shipping (dude! it is heavy!) Wear a dew rag or watch cap underneath it when you wear it!




I never believed that Desoto and his Krew never found the 7 cities of gold and wrote a 5 stage story about Confederate smugglers smuggling the gold to the south to start a new uprising. "Gold, Gold, oh that. No we did not find any gold." The south shall rise again! Shameless' great great great Uncle Umberto was amoung the Conquistadors that killed that stupid Indian guide and Desoto.




Yes we had soooo much gold we used it to make ordinance.




Your obedient servant,


Shameless Womanizer ;)

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Opps I will cull out my P.M. Box


I wear a 7 5/8 and its too big for me with out a watch cap or a ball cap on.



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Sold to Dirtwater Doc who will make a dashing Conquistador at his club shoots, atop his motorcycle and in tights at Renieasance Festivals!

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