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For All You Colt Guru's out there I was Wondering if there was any way to tell for sure

Just From Looking at a Set Of Single Action Grip's What They Fit as in 1st 2nd or 3rd Generation.

I Picked up a set of Colt Grips a while back ago that was not listed as what they fit and my intention

was to put them on a non-colt Nickle 22 thought they would look nice .... they dont fit well not with

out making a lot of modifications, so i decided not to cut em up, then i had a feller wanted to buy em

but said if they fit a first generation colt ..... heck if i know ...... I have have and have had some

Colts but not The 1873 Model SAA.

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All grips have to be fitted. There are differences between Colts and clones and mass produced grips are marked for one or the other. However, all of them have to be fitted to a particular gun.

ok well, the pin hole in the grip and the size of the grips ..... as far as colt factory grips to be

fitted to a colt .... is the a big difference between 1st 2nd and 3rd generation .... i Was told 1st

generation was different and 2nd and 3rd the same ..... i realize though that most grips would be off

a bit and need fitted for the gun but, wondering about major difference between em ..... kind of like

the know way factor, like trying to put colt grips on a blackhawk or visa versa ... its not gonna work

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hmmm ... i have seen the regular colt 1873 with them one piece grip probably not factory but i always wondered what made em stay on ... or the grips that have no screw in it or at lease no visible screw. Thought about mounten somethin on the handles where the screw goes but didnt know how to get the handles on if i did ... things that make you say hummmm

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