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Deja Vous

Pipers Alley Pizza in Chicago...

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When I was a kid I went into Chicago and had a pizza in pipers alley. it was a hippy hangout but heck I wasn't sure what that meant.. lol... The pizza was deep dish, in a cast iron skillet full to the top with the toppings... I ate the top off of it cuz the crust was a bit thick for me. Crust and pastas have a good flavor in smaller amounts for me.


In springfield MO I came across a little family owned pizza place downtown that had thin crust pizza with the best taste I had ever had... this winter I will make a craker crust pizza for a pal of mine who isn't much into breads either.. needs low carbs.. so... no yeast and cracker like I guess............so your best pizza recipes please!!!!!!!



Oh, how cool would it be to make a pizza outside in a oven? under the AZ stars... okay.. I am going to go dream about that now for a while.. lol

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