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It was an early September morning out on the ranch in Belle Fouche, all the chores where done and the ranch hands where off on a cattle drive and weren't due back for 3 more days, Mabel ad Ruby had gone in to town with there folks but a one of the calves was missing, and Betty was the only one left at the ranch, she knew what she had to do so she grabbed her gear saddled up molly and headed out on ... the range .........


Betty and Molly Headed out across the bad lands. lookin to find the stray along the way. as she a came up on the mesa and rounded a big pine she heard the crys of a calf. she looked around and spotted it stuck in a mess of quick sand as she headed towards it her horse started to spook and backed up bit, in the distance she heard a faint sound a buzzing kind of sound no more like a fast rattle, she looked around with a quickness and spotted it ..... coiled up on the top of a small boulder about 70 yards away was a six foot Diamond back, without hesitation she reached for her Winchester, she turned back towards the rattler and pulled the trigger .... instantly the snake was headless. she made her way over to it pulled out her knife and took it rattle ... yep it was a big one 8 buttons it had, she jumped back on molly Yaaah she yelled grabbing her rope as she headed towards the calf, she threw the rope around the calf and tied it off on the saddle horn with out saying a word like if molly could read her mind she started to back away untel the cafe was out of the quick sand and safe. (Just a Little Teaser from her story) This is a Piece of a Biography i had worked on... not my Biography cause i aint Betty :)

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I Would like to Share a little piece of a Story about my Grandmother:


How I Found Religion out on the Range:


Many years ago and before she got married my Grandmother was a bit of a CowGirl and was always out riding the range, Chasing of the Coyote's and looking for Stray's, roping em and pulling em out of quick sand and all that other cowgirl stuff,


Well on this particular Day which was just like any other she had saddled up her horse and was out riding range in search of strays she had been out riding for a while when she came up on a rattlesnake that she didnt see tell her horse started to spook, she reached for her carbine but it was to late the horse rared up an off she flew but her foot was caught in the stirrup her horse bolted across the plains dragging her over the rocks and cactus and such,,,, as much as she tried to get loose and or stop the horse she couldnt do it... it was like the horse had gone plum loco.... she started to fill her life drain from her body and thought it was the end she began to pray asking for forgiveness of her sins and asked God to spare her life and if he would she would try to be the best christian that she could be, that she would be devoted and faithful and attend church as often as she could and then she said Amen .... well it was a miracle for shure because as soon as she said Amen the horse just came to a complete stop! Her Prayer where heard and where answered and her life was spared and she kept her promise she even did volunteer work for the church and went at least twice a week.... she had a Great Life and I miss her Dearly, God Bless her Soul Amen!

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Denver Don wrote: ".....coiled up on the top of a small boulder about 70 yards away was a six foot Diamondback,"


The Dakotas are a long way out of the range of the Western Diamondback rattlesnake, the snake isn't found much north of Oklahoma. Most likely, the snake in the story was a version of the Western Rattlesnake which averages 16" to 64" long. See p. 694 of The Audubon Society Field Guide to North American Reptiles and Amphibians for more info.



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