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How Was True Grit?

Red Rider Rudy

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True Grit was great!! :) Hot day Saturday... in the 90's and humid..

Today.. beautiful day... started out in the 60's got up ta maybe 75 degrees.. nice breeze most of the day...

The lunch was great.. barbequed pork chop sandwich.. with salads and desert.. any kinda soda ya wanted or ice tea...





Oh yeah... :wacko: ya wanted to know top shooter.. :blush:


Mens top shooter overall..... Cowboy Carty

Lady top shooter overall..... Dixie Darlin'... his wife




Uhhhh.. I was there too..

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Friday and Saturday the heat and humidity were brutal. The match was a lot of fun. Kudos to those who ran the side matches on Friday as it was hot hot hot.

Sunday was a beautiful day to finish up with. It's a lot of shootin for 5 stages (200 pistol/rifle combined and about 2 boxes of shotshells). It's a hard shoot on us duelists as the thumb tends to get weary cocking them pistols 20 times per stage. Will try to do better next year. Yee Ha !!



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Hard to find a friendlier place to shoot. Great format, fun side matches, fabulous steak dinner, evening entertainment.


Thanks to all who helped put this together!



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