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Matthew Duncan

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Got off work Friday, loaded up Gray and headed south for Paradise Pass for the evening Obama Texas hold'em poker game. Bank sign thermometer said 101 degrees. Pulled into Paradise Pass, opened up the cabin (thermometer was pegged at 100) and unloaded Gray. Walked thru town looking for things to cleanup, someone(s) already beat me to it.


Flush Draw arrived, we swapped stories until we learned the rest of the poker gang wasn't a coming (worked late and family complications). Flush Draw headed home and I broke out the Kindle to read a western.


Night cooled down and I got a good night sleep. Got up at 7am to find out if the prostate was a lying to me. Looked to see if Korupt Karl was at his cabin, nope. RATS! Last month he wanted us to go find a restaurant and eat breakfast together (and show off our cowboys duds to the locals) but I had already eaten. So this month I didn't bring breakfast.


Took the Timers and scenarios for both the side matches and main matches to the 5 stages.


Swap lies stories with cowpokes as they arrive.


I'm on Posse One and we start at stage one. Day is warming up fast. Stage Two with rifle, 1, 2, 3, 4, 3, 2, 1, 2, 3, 4 (Nevada sweep). So I shoot, 1, 2, 3, 4, 4 … rats.


At a different stage a empty brass didn't extract from the '66 while trying to feed in a live round. Had the same problem at the state match and again at a local match (both cost me a minor safety at the unloading table). Pull out the boot knife, got the extractor unhooked from the live round, shoved the carrier down, got the spent brass out. Cost me only a few million seconds but I shot the stage clean! Maybe I should push up my annual rifle cleaning to this year?


Even with the temperature and humidity I was still able to finish the 5 stages.


Lunch time and I'm starving. Catered pulled pork sandwich and Fritos washed down with a Mountain Dew helps to recharge me.


Door prizes ranged from powder measure, ammunition, leather, wood ammo boxes and a whole bunch more. I think almost everyone won something. I got a leather baseball racing hat.


I came in 5th out of the six 49ers (hey it still counts!). Thorny Rose hands me my thumb drive with the days scores on it.



Load up Gray. Shut up the cabin. I'm beat. Head over to the long range and try to cool down as they shoot. When it's over I'll take their scores home so they can be posted too.


On the way home the Bank sign thermometer reads 100 degrees. I'm beat.


Get home and start to unloading Gray. Wife asks, "Did you survive the heat?" "Nope", I said. Got Gray unloaded and everything put away. I'm beat. Throw my clothes down the stairs to be washed. A cold cool shower is sounding very good right now…no toilet paper! Check under the sing no toilet paper. Check the other bathroom, no toilet paper! Found some in the down stairs bathroom. Imagine an almost 60th year old running around the house in a birthday suit looking for toilet paper. Better yet don't, it was ugly.


After the shower, several glasses of water and a ham & cheese for supper, fired up the laptop. Pull the Category, Overall and Side Match scores off the thumb drive and push over to CuttersRaiders.com


Put the Long Range scores in a spreadsheet, save as a PDF and push over to the website.


I'm done for the day. I had a load of fun and look forward to next month! :)

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I'll try to be there for breakfast next month.....thanks for all you do.



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We also had our annual


Buchshot Ed and Wily Walt




Recipiants this year were-







Congratulations fur all they do fur the sport and club!!!!!!!



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