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Open 'Thanks' to Dremel

Widder, SASS #59054

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I got my Dremel 300 model about 2 years ago. I've run it ALOT.


A couple weekends back, my on/off variable switch gave up the ghost. It wouldn't run at all.


Last week, I sent it to Dremel. Although they come with a great warranty, I have no proof of purchase nor date of purchase.

This week, I got it back. Well, I think its the same one but it looks new.


They even enclosed a letter apologizing for any inconvience it caused me to ship it back PLUS, they gave me an attachment.......




Ifn your thinkin about buying something like this, I don't think you will be disapointed in the product or the service that comes with it.


Now where did I put that Marlin I was workin on?




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Cool - I have two Dremels (on a fixed RPM and the other is a variable RPM) - good to know!



GG ~ :FlagAm:


I've got two of them myself. One I hang from the tool board is presently hooked to a cable shaft drive and sometimes gets mounted in the drill press accessory, and a smaller rechargeable portable that's handier for small work, especially on model trains.

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Yep I thought this was going to be a post from a gunsmith thanking Dremel for all the extra business. Glad they took care of you, anyone with good customer service these days needs to be patronized, and advertized by word of mouth.

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Hint, if ya own a fixed or two speed dremel, the variable speed switch is a drop-in replacement. Ya can't get the upgrade for free, nor by admitting that's what yer doing, but if ya call their parts folks and tell em you have a variable of the proper generation (same body style) as yer fixed, you can buy the variable speed control for like $10. That's how my swap meet dremel becme variable speed ten or more years ago....

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