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Hats off the Circle K Regulators

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If yer one of the 300+ shooters signed up for HR '11 in September, Heluva Rukus is gonna have some fun active targets this year.


At our monthly shoot this past Sunday, we dragged out the plate rack and shot it with pistols (no make-ups) and most folks cleaned it.


For the second time we worked with a side to side pendulum swinger activated by a motion before the shooting string (in this case pushing a dummy over). Shot with pistols, a surprizing number of folks got all 6 hits required.


We also debuted a new electric-powered "train track" mover that cycles left to right then returns, travelling behind a barrier in the middle of the run. FAST shooters were able to dump 10 shots on it before it disappeared, (average was about six) I got 8 shots on target with my still sorta new to me '73, then went into "lost mind" mode and racked a loaded round out while waiting for it to reappear.


With the health issues and associated appointments and such, I have not had a thing to do with the construction of this stuff this year, but I wanted to give a shout out to those fine cowboys who sacrificed evenings and saturdays to get the wood and steel aspects of HR '11 together this summer. they've done a bang up job (as we have come to expect), and Rowdy Bill assures us we're gonna have some SUPERB stages including cleaning out bad guys hiding in buildings and all sorts of stuff. Just over 3 weeks to go and we'll have a Heluva Ruckus in the north woods again.


On a related note, I remember how maybe 5 years ago I won Kirkpatrick's "middle shooter" award at HR (I think it was the last one "Wild Bill" did), placing 107th out of 213 shooters. That was shooting squaw grip with my early C45S loads. With the aforementioned medical stuff, and business concerns before that, I haven't PRACTICED at all in over 2 years, and shoot maybe once a month and this year only one "away" shoot, but I still pulled out exactly a "middlle of the pack" finish this past Sunday, shooting duelist with my newest light .45 loads (KDs were no problem), and chasing them movers and plates and such one-handed. Not setting any records, but I feel good to have developed my one-handed technique to about as fast as I once was shooting two-handed..... I get tired kinda easy these days, the heat whoops on me, but I NEVER have a bad time bustin caps with my friends.



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I'm looking forward to HR 2011, course you teasing me with a glimpse of what's coming is making me crazy, can't wait to see what this year brings. Amazing how the much continues to get better EVERY single year. My hat's off to everybody at Circle K who work so hard to make this such a great match.


Now I need to get moving and load some 10 gauge ammo for the match.


The idea of all that smoke and concussion in confined spaces!!! :D :D :D :D :D

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..... Amazing how the much continues to get better EVERY single year. My hat's off to everybody at Circle K who work so hard to make this such a great match.....



Heluva Ruckus is a Heluva shoot! It's just eatin' me up that, for the second year in a row, I have to pull out for economic reasons (laid off last Fri.). :( :( :angry: :angry: :angry:

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