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Santa Rosa gearing up for downtown cattle drive on Sunday



Area residents are gearing up for a cattle drive, but you don't need to head out of town to get a view of this Wild West tradition.


Sunday about 40 head of cattle, mostly Texas longhorns, will be herded from downtown Santa Rosa to the Sonoma County Fairgrounds, reenacting a slice of Santa Rosa history as a highlight of the Sonoma County Fair. The fair is in the midst of its 17-day run, which goes through Aug. 14.


“Real cowboys on horses,” fair manager Tawny Tesconi said in anticipation of the Sunday event.


The cattle, sporting formidable curved horns, are trained for such events and the cowboys are professional wranglers. Barricades will separate spectators from the hoofed animals, and police will close the streets to traffic as the herd moves along.


The herd gets moving at 10 a.m. east along 4th Street to E Street, then south on E Street to the parking lot on S. E Street and Bennett Valley Road.


There will be no parking on 4th Street between Mendocino and E Street or on E Street between 4th Street and Bennett Valley Road during the event.


The event is a highlight of “Farmer's Day” at the fair which kicks off at 8 a.m. with a “wrangler's breakfast” hosted by Santa Rosa firefighters in Courthouse Square.


There will also be activities for kids.


They also hope to avoid The Napa Stampede of '94


Be sure to play the video and pay attention at about the 4:30 mark. Not often you see a long time news anchor having trouble talking because he is laughing.

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I live south of you in Santa Clara County. I happen to ride my bicycle on weekends and in a town south of me (Morgan Hill) I was riding along and happened to look to my left and some cowboys & cowgirls were herding some cattle and came across the road I was riding along. Up to them I had now seen anything like that except in the movies.

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