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Golf Cart Gun Box

Notso Slim, SASS #67301

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OOOPS! Ignore my reply below, I thought you were looking for ideas on converting a golf bag cart (two wheeled, pull behind type)



It looks a lot like a 5 gallon bucket you would get from Lowes, in fact it is a 5 gallon bucket I got from Lowes. I use a golf bag cart as my travel cart, I have ones in 4 states. Finding a golf bag cart and bucket locally is a lot easier than bringing my regular cart on the airplanes/rental cars/etc.




Edited because I read and not think

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this is always a hazzared guess but try these links.





Two drawers for ammo and such and holds 4 Rifles and 4 shotguns.

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I will try and get some pics. Have one I built a gun cabinet on the back.

Works great. But we can not use it anymore. With the new camper. We can't pull

it in anything anymore.


If you have not bought a galf cart yet. Give me a holler. We are going to sell this one.

And will make a good deal on it also.

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