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Canadian River Regulators 5th Saturday

Lone Dog, SASS #20401

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I hope it's not cancelled due to the heat. I DNFed at Pampa last Saturday and it was about the 4th or 5th match this year I DNFed due to heat. I can shoot in sleet, but not this oppresive heat. Hottest driest most hellish summer of all time. Have also skipped a coupla matches because of the infernal heat. It has been over 100 every day for the longest time. Hit 118 in Childress one day.


I will be there as WB matches are infrequent hereabouts. May not finish, but I will show up. One time I was the only one to show with a 1911. So for a coupla months I was the CRR WB reigning champ. Then next shoot LH and BD show up and whup me like a rented mule. Really sad part is they only shot 4 stages WB and 2 CAS and still out-rank-pointed me who shot all 6 WB. But it was great fun.


Doc, I hope you see this and chime in whether the match is on or not... Hope it is!

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