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Sorry guys. Don't post much anymore. Most all other forums have the info.


McLeansville, NC


"Engine" on another a little wider/longer/lower was a winch motor chain drive to a wheel. Buttons and rheostat was on handle. Don't know cubes but it was a 900# straight pull. Built that sucker for the WV State match (bad left leg). Worked decent. Too noisy. Hired some drivers by the name of Splinter Hauser or Salvadore Dally.


This mode of transpotation came about 2003. Fluffymobile.




There was a group of us who rode one of my vans hooked to the trailer hauling the Fluffymobile to MD, PA, FL, SC, VA, GA, KY, (and a bunch more) and out to Moriarity. Didn't take the Fluffymobile. Others said I couldn't. Tex and I were in conversation and he said anytime a pard needs assistance during the match, he will fix it, or something to that efffect. Tex first saw the Fluffymobile at the Mason/Dixon Staampede. Got quite a kick out of it.

Life and its requirements have slowed me down considerably. This resides in a special place. Sooths the longing.




Anyone know these ladies. Rocky Meadows and Fannie Kickenshoot. :)



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