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Family Day at Scottville Gun Club

Crazy Mingo

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Heee Haaa .. I was asked to help Two Gun Troll and Meskeet Mark ta put on a demo Cowboy Action Shooting.. :rolleyes: We had a booth set up on the cowboy range.. Lot of different guns for show and ta shoot..We gave instructions on safe handling of a single action.. :blush: We had all sorts of people there.. from 8 years old ta 72 years young.. We put a smile on all there faces :D The 8 3/4 (as I was Informed)shot 10 for 10 with the pistols and with rifle.. :o His mother who has never shot before, gave it a try, she didn't do as well but She had a big GRIN when she left.. ;) An older gentlemen said that he always dreamed of shootin a colt 45 so he did,I cannot describe the look on his face and the smile form shootin that Colt.. :lol:


Heee Haaa.. I DAZZELED them all,with a 4.89 10 shot 44-40 full load black powder at 3 targets.. They all standin behind me, I put so much SMOKE and FIRE down range nobody could tell if I hit the targets or not.. :P


Heee Haaa Crazy Mingo :wacko::wacko::FlagAm:

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