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Shotgun Missfires (Light Primer Strikes)


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I have an old Savage Fox B Shotgun (Stevens 311 mechanically) that I had the barrels cut down on. As I have found out is the case with most of these guns, keeping the breech open all the way for reloading is a problem due to the heavy hammer springs keeping pressure on the cocking lever. I bought some reduced power replacement springs made by Wolfe specifically for this gun and when I installed them and tried it out the first primer fired normally and the subsequent shells had light hits about 90% of the time. I tried adding spacers between the springs and plungers with no success. I have called both the vendor and Wolfe and both said they should work and to return the reduced power springs.


After taking apart the action again and checking for debris or other obstructions and finding none I reinstalled the factory springs and now have the same light hit problem with the factory springs. I had never had a misfire with this gun before this so I think I must be overlooking something in my trouble shooting of the problem (I had no leftover parts).


The firing pins move freely in their tunnels and I have .076" firing pin protrusion above the standing breech.

Also, I re-cocked and struck the shells several times without firing in the Fox. The same shells fired on the first hit in my '97.


Any suggestions are appreciated.



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