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My Taraus Thunder Bolt C-45 Came Home ...

John Boy

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Ran 50 Ideal 454190 RNFP reloads through the rifle today with several different COL's. The rounds were magazine loaded in 5 and 10 round batches. All rounds were shot Slam Fired with the rifle in a HORIZONTAL POSITION.

I had 4 rounds that stove piped when they went up against the top of the chamber. I hand extracted them and put in my pocket. ALL rounds stayed on the carrier, none dropped below the carrier and the 46 that were shot extracted perfectly. The COL of the 4 rounds out of 50 were:

1.60 – can understand

1.595 – can understand

1.580 (2 rounds) … ?


To have 4 rounds malfunction out of 50, being slam fired in a horizontal position, I believe it to be a NO Big Deal. Have to understand, the 50 round box was multiples of other 1.60 -1.595 – 1.590 – 1.585 – 1.580 – 1.575 – 1.570 and 1.565 COL reloads.

So there were other rounds, the same length of the ones that stove piped … that didn’t. And am sure if the 4 misfits were shot with the gun in a vertical position – all rounds would have chambered – fired and extracted


Dallas recommends that the COL should be 1.575


Now for the words of warning to the BP shooters:

If you plan on using PRS Big Lube bullets ... Forget it! Because the bullets have a short ogive and large wide metplat, there is a good possibility they will jam up in the 'J' portion of the guides. This 'J' part is 70 thousands long before the guides are completely straight. I calculated that the COL of the PRS rounds would have to be in the neighborhood of 1.545 ... too short. I manually fed the Big Lubes with a COL of 1.570 - 1.590 and 1.60. With out firing them, tried to extract them and they all jammed up in the 'J' part of the guides. Had to did them out with a screwdriver.

You need a bullet that has a longer tapered ogive and a small metplat like the Lyman 454190


Bottom Line – I am 100% Satisfied. Dallas did a Great Job! THANK YOU!

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I hope most readers understand what John Boy means by the horizontal position. This is turning the rifle on its side. I would like someone to try and shoot a 73 fast like that.


Shooting like that is an extreme test, as the rifle wasn't designed to work like that. The rifle can be setup to work with a particular round, but that could prevent the more common rounds from functioning.


Glad you are happy with it.



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