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Buffalo Creek Law Dog

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I just ordered a Pedersoi Sharps Buffalo Gun in 45-70. What is a good bullet weight to use for long range cowboy shooting and also a good weight for hunting Elk? Comments sure appreciated, thanks for your time.

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I suggest looking for Mike Venturino's articles in Handloader magazine and his books. He has won many championships with .45-70s and writes a ton of stuff on a full range of applications for this mighty round.

Common loads for 200 yards and less are built around 405-grain bullets and BP, BP-subs, 5744 and Trailboss.

Mid-range (250-400 yards) loads use 500-grain bullets, and shooters going past 400 yards often use 540-585 grain bullets.

Rifling twist will favor some bullet weights and velocities more than others. Mr. Venturino has already done much of this work and has text out there to show his results.

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