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EOT is over and we are on our way back to Denver, to fly home in a couple of days.


i want to thank everybody who is involved in making EOT possible, for a great expirience,

but i also want tot thank al the people we met that where so so so nice to us.


we had a wonderfull experience, nice match, but so much more than that,i have met more people i would call "freind" in the last 2 weeks(we were in Cortez before EOT)than i did in a long time.


for those interested, i have posted a couple of short films on my youtube channel and there will be manny to follow as we get home(and i get a better internet connection)



hope to meet ya all again in the future


Dutch Bear

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It was really great to meet you and your wife :wub: at Cortez. Thanks for making such a fine event an even better one for me, DB. I sure hope that our paths cross again soon.


God Speed and Safe Travels!

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