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Dee Mak Jack, SASS #55905

Buffalo rife....the good bad and ugly Took the plunge and traded for an Armi Sport 45/90 Taylors import

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Guest Dusty Feller, SASS #20010L

IF you can afford it, buy a Shiloh Sharps or a C Sharps.


If you cannot afford it, save for a while and then get it!


That's what I did; for a very long time.


And don't forget to get a good set of sights either.

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* What's your price range?

* What is your preference? Rolling Block or '74 Sharps?

* What is the maximum distance you plan to shoot it?

* How often will you shoot it in a given year?

* What kind of sights do you want on it? Standard open sights or vernier rear and globe foresight?

* What caliber is in the back of your mind?

Answer these questions and you will receive better answers



Great advice, the itmes list above.


Are you going to hunt with this gun or shoot targets? Most target guns are at the heavy end of the scale. Hunters usually perfer lighter guns. I shoot Rolling Blocks, Wincheser highwall and a Hepburn, all shoot well when you use the right loads, proper sights and learn how to shoot them. If you are going to shoot targets, don't by cheap sights.

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