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Several years ago, not long after the Chronicle noted their introduction at the SASS Convention, I had my local FFL order a brace of Navy Arms "Gunslingers" with 7.5" barrels. I used them in one match and then put them in the safe as viable "back-ups" to my beloved Open Tops. They were accurate, came with OEM slimmed down grip panels on a german silver grip frame, a smooth action and identical 1.5# trigger pulls. All-in-all a fine set of pistols.


This week I shot them for practice and was again quite taken by them, so much so that when a new shooter asked for advice on a set of pistols I recommended them. This evening curiosity got the best of me and I decided to look them up and was surprised to see that Navy Arms no longer carries them. In fact, there is very little information on the net--at least that I could find--about them. Can anyone enlighten me on their fate? Are they being sold under a different brand and name? How many were made?


I'm pretty pleased with my pair and believe that if anything does break, a Uberti part for an 1873 SAA could be fitted as a replacement so my query is motivated not by concern but more about rounding out my knowledge of their history. Any information you might have to share would be appreciated.

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