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While I realize the economy is tough everywhere, you might want to consider paying those few extra dollars to insure your packages when shipping.


Thefts are on the rise, both from in front of pards abodes {like happened to me}, and within our shipping companies like FedEx and the Postal Service. {Yep, I got bit that way too. :angry: } While insurance won't cover the loss of most items, it will help with replacement of some things that are currently available.


Maybe you can work out some kind of a deal where you split the cost with the buyer, or the buyer pays all the insurance as part of the purchase arrangements.


I'm just say'n............



{Details - Nothing I purchased from a pard here on the wire was stolen. A fairly expensive item I purchased from a vendor was. No insurance, no tacking number, no way to trace it.


Be careful out there.........}

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