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Rube Burrows

how neat would this be to own

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Howdy, Pard,

While Wm. F. Cody and James B. Hickok did perform together in several of Buffalo Bill's productions, I'd want to be extra careful to see the provinence of such a document before I plunked down a penny, let alone upwards of $10,000-15,000. Documents such as this are awfully easy to fake! :ph34r: For that matter, even the provinence of a good firearm purportedly used by a famous person. For example, "everyone" knows that Billy The Kid packed a Colt's M1877 Lightning revolver. A dealer used to put out a sign next to such a gun, "advertising" it as the only Lightning that DIDN'T belong to Billy The Kid! ;)


As ever, let the buyer beware!


Ride careful, Pard! Godspeed to those still in harm's way in the defense of Freedom everywhere! God Bless America! :FlagAm:


Your Pard,

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