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The May Issue of Frontier Tales is online now!

Durango Duke

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Howdy! Want to know what's happening at Frontier Tales this month??


If you're a slacker and everyone is down on you, you might hope for some different luck. But watch what you wish for. You just might get it.

See how in Cowboy Luck by Gary Ives.


In this historical piece, learn how the Irish-and beer?-saved Texas.

Read about it in How the Irish Saved Texas by C. F. Eckhardt


Establishing a new colony is always a challenge. Sometimes, the challenges are overcome . . . sometimes, they're not.

Here's an account of it: The Lost Colony by Ken Sieben


On foot in the desert, finding that saddle might be a life-changer. But will it mean survival . . . or death?

Discover which in A Saddle in the Desert by Tom Sheehan




Durango Duke

aka Duke Pennell, Editor

Frontier Tales

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