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Uberti Winchester 73

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I see that Uberti has a Winchester 73 in 44 magnum, does anyone have one? If so how do you like it.

AFAIK, they're just now getting onto dealer's shelves. Probably be awhile before any 1st hand reports start comin' out. Some folks are a lil leery of 'em. I would be with a steady diet of full house loads, but with a good bullet shape, downloaded to .44Spl, I think it'd be a great matchup for a pard shootin' .44Spl's in his sixguns. Don't know if the carrier has enough ramp to use the shorter case or not, but it'd be an easy enough fix.

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I reckon it'd be OK with BLACK POWDER OR BP SUB LOADS ONLY....

I'm danged if I'd subject it to regular .44 Mag factory loads, or equivalent smokeless reloads.



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