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The Tonic Kid, SASS #70340

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Howdy All


I have two boys, 8 and 11. They want to start shooting with me. One wears a confederate kepi and the other wears a union kepi for hats. Any suggestions for footwear that don't cost an arm and a leg? I've been checking at the thrift stores, but haven't found much. Thanks in advance.



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If it were my kids, I wouldn't buy expensive boots for them as they'd grow right out of them long before they wore them out. Boots are expensive.


I'd look more into moccasins, were it me. They can be bought a bit large, cheaper, and last a lot longer, I'm guessing.


Or less expensive boots, such as http://www.sheplers.com/kids/childrens_cowboy_boots_sizes/053384.html?Source=AdWords_ProductExtensions&kw=cheap%20cowboy%20boots&ctype=2&gclid=CIOo4IqwrKgCFcsZQgodZ197Hg






Aunt Jen

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My son just uses some brown Cowboy Boots. He out grows things so fast. I was getting them from Walmart but those kept getting holes worn in the actual toe because they were not real leather. I believe the last ones I got him which he has had for a while now were Old West boots. They have real leather and are much better made than the junk from Walmart or similar stores.


Here is a link to the boots that I found on the net.




Most boot stores are starting to carry this brand. I got his at a large flea market for a little cheaper than the price in the link.

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You could make some simple leggings or botas out of leather.


Then they can wear any leather shoe and still feel like they are cowboys.









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Garage sales, flea markets, and ebay have used boots that range from reasonable to cheap. Blue Roan


I've been trying that, but not having much luck in my area of the country. My boys wear size 4 and 6, if anyone has any old brogans or boots or moccasins they want to sell. I'll put this over on the classifieds.

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I've got a 13 y/o girl shooting and an 8 y/o boy who's gettin' ready to shoot. Thankfully, the girl's feet have stopped growing (I hope :rolleyes: ) and she wears a pair of cowboy boots she received for her birthday last October. They still fit, but she was going through a pair every six months or so....at about $100 a pop.


The 8 y/o wears his out before he ever outgrows them, but that's still every 6 months or so. That boy is tough on shoes. :blink:


So, I guess the point of my post is that you've got a six month window (give or take and dependin' on how fast your kiddos outgrow shoes) for anything you decide to buy. I'm not concerned so much with them having "period correct" boots to shoot in -- I'm just happy that they've got a pair of boots to shoot in (and they wear them for all the other stuff we do as well).


Good Luck to ya and see ya'll down the trail!



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Howdy Tonic Kid, the old ankle high hush puppy (chukka) styles look very much like the rough out brogans worn by many in the civil war era, or a simple black oxford shoe. Should be able to find something enexpensive. Good Luck :)

Clarks Desert boot

And another one

and another one


Jefro :ph34r:

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