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I dunno whether this will answer your question or not. When the New Vaquero first came out, it came with a hammer spur that was much taller than the hammer spur on the 'original model' Vaquero. Tall enough that the hammer spur obscured the sights from view when the hammer was down, just the same as with a Colt SAA. The 'original model' Vaquero hammer spur was low enough that the sights could be seen with the hammer down.


Here is a photo of an 'original model' Vaquero at top and a New Vaquero in the middle, so you can compare the hammer spurs. This New Model Vaquero has the 'tall' hammer spur that first came with the gun. I understand that enough shooters complained to Ruger about the hammer on the New Vaquero that they have since replaced it with a slightly different hammer.






Here is a photo of the New Vaquero currently on the Ruger Website. This may or may not be what they are currently putting in the New Vaquero


New Vaquero




Here is the photo of the SASS New Vaqueros on the Ruger Website.


SASS New Vaqueros

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I noticed the difference in hammer contour the other day. Stopped in at a shop and they had some new Vaqueros in the case.

It looks like they've gotten away from the sweeping Colt style hammer spur and gone for more of a Super Blackhawk profile.


Reckon their marketing department was paying attention to all the shooters who were putting SBH hammers on their NMV's?

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The Montado hammer (now used on the "SASS Special" NewVaqs as well) IS a SuperBlackhawk hammer. Profile from the side is identical. Only the thumb-pad checkering pattern differs and that's more or less just cosmetic. The SBH hammers have grooves running side-to-side, the Montado pattern is a bordered cross-hatch diamond checker. Won't make much difference for most folk. I actually prefer the SBH pattern slightly as I'm a strong-side-thumber; I find that my thumb naturally slips off the side of the SBH hammer right at the end of the cocking stroke. I suspect though that the Montado hammer would be similar enough :).


Because SASS just legalized these for use in main matches, everybody and his brother is out looking for them and supplies are low or backordered everywhere. Rumor is that Ron Powers is going to start making them in a half-cockable flavor like his existing standard and Bisley hammers...they'll be pricey but with real Ruger parts short on the ground, people will likely buy them.

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