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Winchester 1897 Parts Diagram


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I'm looking for a parts diagram for the Winchester 1897 solid frame *E* series.


The only parts diagram I seem to come across, is the one as shown on Marauder's website, and it's no help.



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www.gun-parts.com/winchestershotgun Scroll down to the 97 section then click on the picture to enlarge.


Here's another



No luck for me there.


What I'm looking for, is what parts are in the magazine band. I have a magazine band like the one on this shotgun >



I think I'm missing a part, cause everytime I tighten the screw, it comes out of the groove in the barrel.


And all the parts diagrams I'm coming across list magazine bands like the one on this shotgun

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I believe that you are looking for a riot gun magazine band. Some pictures i have seen of them had a band like that, also the 93's had a similar band. May be really tough to find. Couldn't find a parts diagram that showed the riot gun band.

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