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Kirst .22 Konversion Kit

Stoneface Daguerrean

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Just shot it today.

Gave me 2" to 3" groups one-handed at 10 yards.

I used standard .22 long cartridges, and it was about 6" below the point of aim.

I'll try next week with some high velocity & see what happens.


If I can get it to roughly poa=poi, then it will be great for cheap duelist practice.


Fit & finish is excellent - it dropped right into my Pietta and functioned.


It did feel wrong to pull the trigger & not have ANY recoil...

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They might be a bit new to get much feedback yet. One feedback I read from the maker was that 22 shorts could be fed in an unmodified gun without removing the cylinder, want to see how?? Sounds like the gates may come ported.

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you know, that might be a good solution for a buckaroo shooter. Since I already have Remington Cap and ball pistols, I would not need to buy Rugers or other 22 pistols. This way they could more easily convert to cap and ball 44 or 45LC when old enough.

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