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Great match with Coyote Gulch Cowboys - VIDS

Grizzly Dave

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Had a great match with the Coyote Gulch Cowboys today.


We started the day with a 21+ gun three shot shotgun volley in honor of our Pard TJ Walker who lost his battle with cancer over the winter. TJ brought CAS to the area many years ago and had a big influence on cowboy shooting in Colorado, while I really didn't get a chance to know him well myself, I know that he will be missed.


Had a fun stage today, pistol, rifle, then shotgun, then if you had any misses at all you could reload the rifle and hit a bonus target that would wipe away all the misses. As I'd already blown the chance for a clean match the stage before, I figured I'd have some fun. I blazed thru both pistols as fast as I could, then the rifle likewise, then shotgun, the spotters were laughing hard as they ran out of fingers, then I reloaded and took careful aim on the bonus target....AND MISSED IT!! By then EVERYONE was laughing hard including me. They polled the spotters and came up with nine misses. I think they gave me the benefit of the doubt LOL. And no, I don't have a video of it.


What a HOOT. I know the purists would poo poo a bonus of this type, but I say it was great fun.


Lots of variety, a fun match even if I shoot horribly, even for me.



A few vids can be found here


My apologies to one cowgirl (who will remain nameless) who asked me not to put up a video of her because she didn't shoot as well as usual on that stage, but it was the only one I had of that stage, so I decided to put it up anyway.


Grizz (ducking and running for cover)


sorry Indiana....

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