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Kaskaskia Cowboys, Sparta, Illinois

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HAY, opps, I mean HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The Kaskaskia Cowboys will be shooting this Saturday 4/9 at Sparta, Il. This would be a great warm-up for the Midwest Classic!! I "think" there is going to be 6 stages. AND, there will be a Wild Bunch Catagory offered that WILL NOT be scored with the cowboy shooters scores. Again I good chance to warm up for the Midwest Classic WILD BUNCH shoot AND the ILLINOIS STATE SHOOT!!!

Register at 9, shoot at 10!!


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Smoke....We sent off our registration forms today for the OPEN and COMIN'AT CHA! That felt good.


Then I went to the civilian personell office and asked about getting my orders to go home. He asked me..."When do you want to go?"


I sez...Late June or early July but no later than the 1st of August." He sez..."Okay...We'll see what we can do."


That felt good too.


BUT!!!...If the damn gubment shuts down...there ain't no money to do nuttin with and who knows what will happen....I pay my own way home? Okay. I'm ready to do that.


See ya soon.



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I plan to be there and if the rain clears through early, since my riding partner can't make it, I am going to bring the iron horse well plastic and aluminum but that doesn't sound as cool. See you there.




That is good news indeed. Well all except the shutdown causing you grief. Hope every thing works out and the government gets you back where you belong.


I will keep an eye out for you at both the Open and CaC.



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