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D/FW are gun shop suggestions

Cimarron Johnson  #69842

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If you are thinking of having rifle work like a short stroke kit or action job done then please consider purchasing the rifle already competition ready like the ones from Pioneer Gun Works. Usually the total cost is lower then buying one retail and sending to a gunsmith later. The other plus is if you want to sell the rifle later the name recognition of having the rifle completed by a well known shop helps. Of course you still need a local Gun Shop to have the rifle sent via FFL.

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I would strongly suggest taking a short drive to Kaufman to 3B Shooters Supply. They are a Cimmaron dealership. They have good prices for S.A.S.S. members, since they are involved in S.A.S.S.. This is a "mom and pop" store, so they are interested in the customer. They are located at 5303 FM 2727 in Kaufman. Look on Cimarron's website, and look at the dealers, and you can get their phone number. I would suggest you call ahead first and talk to Bryan. He may have something in stock, but if not, he can get it fast from Cimarron.



I am not now, nor have I ever been affiliated with 3B Shooters Supply, nor am I a relative of theirs (except by Adam & Eve). I receive no compensation of any kind, what-so-ever, from recommending 3B Shooters Supply to anyone, and never have...and no animals were harmed or killed in the typing of this response to you (does that satisfy you S.A.S.S. Honchos and rule watchdogs?. This place has more rules than a nun in a convent!)


My two bits.



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Thank you for the information. I checked the 3B Shooting Supplies website and sent them an email. The website says they are closed on the first Saturday of the month, so I will probably follow up with a call on Monday. Ramblin Ron: I'll also check with Pioneer Gun Works to find out about a rifle without a short stroke modification (I plan to use the same rifle for SASS and NCOWS, and I understand NCOWS doen't allow short stroke mods).



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Let me put in a plug for Long Hunter's place if you want a gun with the work done to it I find it hard to say enough good things about the way Jim treated me first in buying my guns for SASS and later at his one day class before last years Buffalo Stampede



And heck it is what only a 300 mile or so drive from DFW think of the savings in shipping and insurance! :lol:

Long Hunter Shooting Supply


3403 SW 6th Ave.

Amarillo, TX 79106


PHONE: 806-342-0000


FAX: 806-342-0007


Contact: Jim or Brad Finch

- aka: “Long Hunter” S.A.S.S. # 20389L Life


the usual disclaimer no connection other than as a very happy customer

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Just my opinion.

But I would still order one for one of our good

Cowboy Smiths. Like Long-Hunter. But just order it with one of

there action jobs on it and no short-stroke. Then you would still have

a nice smooth running rifle that is usable in NCOWS also.

Just a thought.

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