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Allie Mo, SASS No. 25217

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Miss Allie, I do believe it is blank up there, now ain't it. I kinda like it blank, me ownself.


You plannin' a trip to Cisne in the future? Shore enjoyed meetin' ya and shootin' with ya on yer last sojourn to the home grounds. :)

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Oh Bull Darlin'!


It was great meeting you and all the nice/fun folks in Cisne and the Open. I don't think I've ever had a nicer vacation.


My cousin Mike, the one I called "The Clean," and his wife were very hospitable. The other cousin, "The Mean," was busy at the hospital most of the time. :lol: Kidding about him being mean. He did punch me in the stomach when I was seven though. Love those guys! I had a great time visiting with them too.


I just don't want to "wear out my welcome" and hubby hates it when I go places. I do hope to make it back there again sooner than the 29 years it was last time I visited.


You have a great group in that area and I hope to see y'all before too long.




Allie Mo

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And I was going to give some money to the one that was going to save the world by doing something like helping people in 3rd world countries by mirco managing their finances or something like that. :wacko:

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