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FB help needed

Captain Bill Burt

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Hi everyone,


I know the Facebook requests are probably getting old, so I apologize in advance, but I would appreciate about 17 likes on my SASS alias page so I can have my own username. Thanks in advance to anyone who can take the time to follow the link and help me out. Also for those of you who already have muchos gracias.






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I will try Allie, but I'm not the most Facebook savvy guy. I created my alias fb page as a subsidiary, not exactly the right term, of my regular fb page and identified it as belonging to a fictional character. Based on that I have to have 25 likes to operate it independently of my regular persona but with some linkage. Alternatively I could have created it independently of my regular page with a separate email and pretended the alias was a real person in which case it would have operated like any other fb page unless fb caught on to the pretense, which has happened to at least one of my SASS friends, whose alias ID was shut down. I'm guessing that fb has a problem with fictitious id's that are not identified as such. Clear as mud, right? I hope that helps. BTW, I've read several of your posts over the last few months since I joined, you have an impressive reservoir of SASS knowledge and I enjoy your insights. Thanks


On a side note Captain Bill Burt isn't entirely fictitious, he is actually my great, great, great, great grandfather, the pic of the old fellow in my profile is him and the exploits I listed really occurred.

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Bill Darlin',


I just posted the following on FB.






Hey Pards, I'm not sure how this works as I just signed on as Allie Mo, that seems like the real me anyway. A SASS friend, Captain Bill Burt, needs three more likes to get that name. If you feel so inclined, maybe you could like him.

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