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What's the Ruger "New" Vaquero serial no. cutoff?

Mustang Gregg

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The link on the Ruger site won't let me into serial number chart.

I'm trying find out about what number the old Vaqueros stopped. :huh: And the "new" started.


Anyone know about where in the number sequence it is?


Much obliged,


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From Ruger site:


Vaquero Revolver

(Includes Bisley-Vaquero Models)

Calibers: .357 Mag., .38-40 Win., .40 S&W, .44-40 Win., .44 Mag., .45 Colt

(Manufactured from 1993-2005)

Beginning Serial Number: Year of Production:

55-00001 1993

55-10037 1994

55-51006 1995

56-01218 1996

56-30005 1997

56-72004 1998

56-98838 1999

57-52004 2000

57-82791 2001

58-01006 2002

58-31543 2003

58-50474 2004

58-91296 2005



And new model Vaqs:


New Vaquero Revolver

Calibers: .357 Mag., .45 Colt

Beginning Serial Number: Years of Production:

510-00001 2005

510-09854 2006

510-39169 2007

510-58667 2008

510-71681 2009

510-86236 2010

511-03919 2011

So, as you see, the new Vaqs use a different number structure with a 3 digit lead number. Not a "cutoff" as we would normally think of it, but a whole new number system.


And, Ruger does not do pure sequential numbering of their production. Some guns produced in 2010 may "look" like, from the number, they were produced in 2009 or even earlier.


Hope this helps, GJ

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Thank you very much, Joe! :lol:

I do appreciate the help!


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Here's the link to the Ruger page => http://www.ruger.com/service/productHistory.html# for all the Ruger guns.


Not to hijack the thread here, but does anyone know why Ruger asks for the serial # of your gun when you order parts?

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To make sure you're ordering the right stuff, and to account for oddball engineering changes.


Ruger has done some odd stuff at times. There were production changes for the Sevice/Security/Speed Six in mid-stream, to a point where it makes a difference when ordering grips. And the Blackhawk changed from the XR3 to the XR3-RED grip frame "allegedly" in 1962 but in reality XR3s are seen on some specimens as late as 1964. More recently you've got oddballs like the "shipped-late" large-frame Vaqueros that turned up in small batches long after the "OldVaq" was allegedly dead - and not just the "Last Cowboy" series. They track this sort of thing by the gun's serial number...even in the early days they supposedly had the tracking system down pretty solid...

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