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barrel lengths

evil dogooder

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Well I ordered new consecutive ss rugers in 45. 7 1/2 . For much cheaper than any used 4 5/8s or 5 1/2 s i could find anywhere . thanks for the heads up from a cowboy here.

Thank you for all the help and advice





cool alias by the way

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To me, nothing looks sillier than a big man with a tiny holster.

Had a gal tell me that once . . . . . Got a bigger holster after that . . . .



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Calamity JoAnne's profile won't work, so I'll post for her.

She shoots .44 K-Bisley Vaqueros with 7.5" barrels.


The other lengths in our outfit are as follows (all Vaqueros & Blackhawk .44's)

Russ T. Spittoon 7.5"

Commissioner Gordon 4.6"

SASSy Shawna 4.6"

Winchester Wade 5.5"

Amy Oakley 5.5"

Tin Star Tim 7.5"

Mustang Gregg 5.5" or 4.6"



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Ok playing at the range today to try some different barrel lengths.


3 1/2. Just didn't balance right. Really quick pointing though


4 5/8 quick shooting well balanced



5 1/2 good balance faster on target



7 1/2 not that much slower love the sight radious

Points well for me and if I miss the target with the bullet I can always hit it with the barrel


Thanks for the help

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