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ot-computer recommendations SONY?

Chili Ron

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Since Ruger aint makin computers yet, Ive been lookin ata sony.

I had a few sony items over the years but dont know anyone with

a sony computer.


Comments welcome, love yours, use yours fer a target?

Spendin a fair size bag o gold dust,

any features to look fer? avoid??

this one is a sony core i3 NB, if I got it right.

Thanks aheadotime.


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Howdy Pard,


My last computer was a Sony tower and this one is a Sony laptop. I needed help once in 2005 with my printer interface. Turned out I needed some Java script. The Sony service folks were great. I had that PC five years and the hard drive crashed. I can't really blame it as I told it to sleep and changed my mind while it was trying to go to sleep. That is the first time I had a crash. I will be more patient in the future. A new HD would have been $600. So, I replaced it with another Sony; a laptop this time. I do think you pay more for some of the VAIO stuff and I do not see what use it is. I ignore it most of the time. Can anyone explain what use it is?


Before that I had a Compaq (Windows), Mac, Compaq (DOS). I didn't really have problems with any of them. They just got replaced for faster, more user-friendly PCs.


I can't remember needing customer service on any of them.




Allie Mo

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