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Original 1887 tang screw

Tom Bullweed

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I bought a Winnie 1887 in 12 gage for a song (if you have heard me sing, this means that I got it for very little). The tang screw (goes from upper tang to lower tang) was broken and bent. I believe that this happened early in its life since the rest of the shotgun is in great shape.

I need to make another. Does anyone have an original 1887 who would be willing to get me the length and diameter of this screw?

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Pulled one out of one of mine.


Length: 2.085"

Body diameter is a taper. Top just below screw head: .230". Bottom just above threads: .208"

Threads: 12 x 28

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Now that you know the size, maybe Brownells has something. Or gunparts.com or dixieguns.com.

Larsen, are you sure about the body diameter dimensions? Nota John


Man I'm tired. Was at the Arizona Expo all day today working with the little squirts. Had hundreds come through to shoot a .22 lever gun and revolver. Exhausting and very scary. Those little fingers were everywhere and as soon as you moved one finger they put another one in the wrong place. Good call John. I corrected the numbers.

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