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C0ckr0ach, SASS #26100

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I have an AWA in .45 Colt. It is as it came from the factory, and functions flawlessly.


Before this thread exhausts itself, I'd be willing to be bet that the genearl consensus is gonna be as follows...


AWA... Excellent.


USFA... Not bad, if you can find one.


Orignal Colt... Hit or miss. Some are fine, some are nightmares.


Beretta, Uberti... Overpriced and not so great.


Taurus... Evil spawn of Satan to be avoided at all costs.


When I was in the market to get one of these things, I had a chance to handle the AWA, Beretta, Uberti and Taurus. The differece between them was obvious to me, and after fidling with all of them, I grabbed the AWA. I have never regretted it, it functions flawlessly, and I am much faster with it than I am with any levergun.


Anyway, that's my $.02 worth of insight. I hope it was worth it for ya. :)

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I have an AWA in 44/40 that would'nt work at first, I sent it to Elrod to do his magic on and it's been flawless for the last four or five years. It's my understanding that the curently manufactured AWA lightnings have been very reliable.

I also have a Pedersoli Lightning in 44/40 I just bought from EMF, It also had some minor teething problems but EMF had it sent to Lee Shaver on their dime, Since it came back I've shot a couple hundred rounds thru it and also had a friend who hadn't shot a lightning before use it with zero problems.

If I had to make a choice between the two it would be difficult the AWA is light and fairly fast and the Pedersoli is much heavier with a 26" octagon barrel that stays on target when working the action. I do like the pedersoli's button on the front of the trigger guard that allows you to unload without continually dropping the hammer to unload each round, I also like having screws on each end of the ejector bars the single screws on the AWA sometimes work loose.

The AWA will slam fire while the Pedersoli won't which is a non issue for me, I slam fired one magazine full thru the AWA just to see how it worked and haven't had any urge to try it again.

If you want a Lightning Either the Pedersoli or AWA would more than likely serve you well.

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Find a used Taurus and send it to Deadeye Dallas so he can straighten it out ya. He has mine now and if I have it back by the next time I see you at Cavalier, Pungo, Pepper Mill Creek or wherever, I'll be glad to let you try it out.

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I have owned, handled, shot most of them including AWA, Taurus, Colt, Beretta, Pedersolli, maybe forgot one. They are all very different guns as far as price, finish goes. As far as dependability OUT OF THE BOX I would rate Pedersolli as the best. But it is also the most expensive of the ones I have had in my hands.

On the other hand, there is now a gunsmith here on the wire that has changed the "tomato stake" image of the Taurus to one of "hey this may really work". If so, and I have seen the vidio's to back up the claim, this is the most economical way to get into a pump. Followed by the AWA from a pricing standpoint, and it will also need some action work. Colt is probably right up there toward the top for cost and will also need some action work. What have I kept to shoot for myself and my wife? We both have an original Colt in 32-20 and an AWA in 38 spcl. All have been smithed by an expert that lives in NV. All three slam fire, and are very smooth. Knowing what I know today, if I were going to pick one up, I would get a new AWA and send it to NV to be smoothed. This choice will give me a excellent pump rifle in the $800 - $950 range, including action work. The price may increase if you buy one of the upgraded models of AWA, like the white lightning.

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I have a elbow injury and cannot cycle my 1873, but able to use other guns.


I have heard a lot of horror stories about the lightning pump.


But have any of you had good experience with any of the pumps?




I have the Uberti in .45 Colt, love it, shoot it and it run fast from that thing made by Taurus! I have a good one that always functions....

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