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Outlaw Gambler = good pard to do business with

Gunner Gatlin, SASS 10274L

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Well, the '92 is on 'the stagecoach' as he put it :)


Spoke with him on the phone too...gotta love SASS and its folks!


If'n you're hankerin' to get a CAS shooter you might just want to talk with him...




Thanks again Outlaw Gambler - look forward to doin' business again sometime ;)


GG ~ :FlagAm:

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I have did business with him a few times myself, very good dealings, good communicatin, etc etc, he's a good pard to deal with


Now I have a had dealing with other cow pokes on here as well, up standing group we have here is all I can say



All for now JD Trampas

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Can't say enough Good Things about Outlaw Gambler..


Great Pard and a real credit to the Cowboy Way......


Texas Red


Great alias - I just sang a karaoke version of 'Big Iron'...want to warn ya..there's a Ranger out there with a 'big iron on his hip' :D


GG ~

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I agree! I was just about to start a "good pard" thread when I discovered this one. I just received a Marlin .32 H&R Mag from him. Well, I sorta received it. Filling out the paperwork is no time to discover your drivers license has expired. DOH! Now another 200 miles of driving to get my license and then the rifle.

Now to start saving for one of his 97's.


Thanks again Mr Gambler!

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