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Hornady Bullet feeder

Hilo Willy

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Hi folks


I have a Hornady bullet feeder hooked up to my Dillon 650. Runs like a charm with plated bullets (after I built a 4 1/4" high mount). I've searched to see if anyone has had any success feeding cast lead. I found a lead on GlockTalk but he was in the process and hasn't finished playing. I've played with a bit and the problem is with the feed die. I can't get a head to drop smoothly (or at all for that matter). Yes I know Hornady states that the feeder is for jacketed or plated bullets. Tried dusting with mica to remove the 'stickiness' of the lead and lube.


Any thoughts or leads?


'Keep 'em down range'



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I've read up on it also.....for the KISS bullet feeder the maker said that people have had luck with using powdered graphite.......He said to treat them in can by shaking them a bit


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If you let the interior of the bowl and the alignment plates become coated with sticky wax lube from lead bullets, you will have trouble feeding anything out of it and you will find it nearly impossible to remove the wax from the feeder parts. Those plastic parts pretty much do not like many solvents.



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