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Newbie- Bunch of Questions!

apache bill

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I just got interested in CAS and went down to watch the March match at Hooten Old Town in McKee, Ky. I'm hooked and I'm beginning to acquire some gear now!!! I'm going by the alias of Apache Bill (unless the SASS turns me down) and plan on joining the SASS shortly!!! I'm going to try and shoot at the next Hooten match in April if I can buy, beg or borrow enough gear (LOL!!). I don't know about the people anywhere else BUT the people at Hooten were about as friendly, helpful and likeable a bunch as I've ever come across!! I've been surfing around the 'net (always a dangerous thing to do!) trying to learn as much as I can and i have a few questions. Any help will be much appreciated!!!

Anyway, here goes---

1. I noticed some match results on on website that listed categories I didn't see in the Shooter's Handbook (Outlaw, 49'er, etc.) Did I just overlook them or are there categories in local matches that aren't listed in the handbook?

2. There is a group listed in Morehead, Ky. called the Ky. Longrifles Cowboys. It seems like they meet on the 2nd Saturday of the month but I couldn't find a website with updated info. Are they still around and meeting on the 2nd Saturday?

3. When you're first starting out is it better to go with a strongside holster and a crossdraw holster or two holsters worn "gunfighter style- or does it matter beyond personal preference?


I guess that's about all I can think of. If anyone can give me any info please accept my thanks in advance!!!


Just get out and shoot lots and please have fun. I'm not an old timer at this but i'm not green at this. Seems that those who take themselves too serious never have any fun. You got to look at ones self and laugh. Make friends ask a bunch of questions cuz all the real members want to help and make a new friend. Go to small shoots, lots of them. Build yourself a cart, personalize it and get a progressive loader or you'll go broke. Good luck, see ya out there some day...Yoos-ta-be-kid

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