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Many Thanks To Some Helpful Folks


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To Three Fingered Dutchman, Dirty Sally, Filthy Lucre, Fillmore Coffins and the fine folks at Pozo River Vigilance Committee and The Chorro Valley Regulators especially the posse leaders I encountered at those two fine clubs, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your time and effort and a mighty fine start to the sport of SASS. Dirty Sally, Filthy Lucre, and Fillmore Coffins, you all were a wealth of SASS information from gear to shooting to black powder stuff and more things that I could ever list here. My gun selections were made in large part to information I received from you all. Three fingered Dutchman, you provided one on one tutoring for me and my brand new, unfired 1887 copy at my very first SASS shoot ever. Tips and run troughs with dummy shells on your 1887 the day of the shoot really helped a lot as I didn't know which end was up with that gun. I was treated with nothing but respect all the way through my SASS experience and am proud to be a member, but alas I now must move up north and probably will not be back to shoot. I hope to run into you fine folks at an annual someplace or maybe the state shoot in Bakersfield? It's been an honor and a privilege to know you and to shoot with you and I will take that with me wherever my travels take me. Sincerely, Smithy.

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You have always presented yourself well. I'm sorry to have missed the chance to meet you. One day I hope to change that.


You found yourself in a group of people I have always found to be "The Cream of the Crop" Everyone of those folks you mentioned are always willing to help out a new shooter, or really anybody who needs help with almost anything. I am blessed to also be able to call them my friends.


I have no doubt as you travel across the country, you will find many more examples of the finest this country has to offer. All of them will of course have SASS badges. ;)

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