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Hot Dang! My son and I are going to SASS University at Buffalo Stampede in April !


Cant Wait - it'l be fun to make a road trip, fun to learn to shoot better and fun to spend some time with my son !


Anyone else attending ? Anyone else aleady been there ?

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My wife and I are signed up. It's a great class. I took it last year. (I'm a remedial student this year.)

Waves hi! :)

I too was there last year and shooting with you guys and learning from Long Hunter was the highlight of the trip


lot of great folks and a great natural teacher in Jim


I hope to be able to afford to do it again next year.


one thing have duds for any sort of weather you can imagine from spring Blizzard to Spring heat wave (missed the Latter last year but I am told it can happen and even if the weather is mild; mud can be a problem if it is wet




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The Parker Kid and I had a blast today. We learned a lot and Long Hunter is a great teacher. Also got to meet a lot of nice folks who were also attending the class.


If you haven't attended, I highly recommend it. New and experienced shooters alike will benefit from this class.

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