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I'm a new guy to SASS, but certainly not new to online forums. IMHO, SASS is THE most welcoming forum I've ever encountered. I went to my first match just over four weeks ago and was blown away (pun intended) by how welcoming and nice everyone was. One thing that really impressed me, and was pointed out by a close friend I've made here, was that the better the shooter, the more humble and helpful they've been. Since then I've been to four matches, all at different clubs and I've met a grand total of one person that rubbed me wrong. Great game, great people, I'm hooked!


What blew me away was how composed you are at this sport after one match. But then again, look who all has been coaching ya. Hope to see ya at DHI next week.

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Hey Dirty Dan,



Thanks for the kind words! You hit the nail on the head, good coaching sure helps! It makes it easier to stay composed when all the people around you are so welcoming and non-judgmental of the new guy. I will be at DHI for sure, (this will be my fifth match) hope to see you there.

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